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How a simple painting technique turned my patio into a luxurious outdoor oasis cheaply

When our condo was picked out to be on hgtv's(Home televison)'Beachfront Bargain Hunt' it was an opportunity we could not pass up.Being on the show meant thousands of people could see our condo that was on the market at the time.The only issue was the tv shoot was in only 3 days and our 200sq ft.Balcony was still an not finished mess of concrete and broken up tiles.Here is how we managed to turn a decor disaster into a real estate gem with some great tips from our local home depot that didn't break our bank.My hubby, our 3 yr old son, isaac, and i headed to our local home depot and talked with the associates in the paint program.They have tons training knowledge help complete almost any home improvement job.We ended up using a simple and very affordable technique called concrete paint.A good concrete paint has special properties that treats your concrete making it safe from nature's elements and reduces cracking.With outdoor paints you may also choose almost any color to add to the paint.So customizing just the right color easy.To make use of, just as you would paint a wall in your residence, use a primer first and then your concrete stain, the only factor is your painting the the floor.It is a stylish and inexpensive replacement of the linoleum or tile, for a basement or outdoor deck and patio.When choosing our paints we took under consideration the price and looked for the most inexpensive.Most products carried by large stores are all very picking a selecting a, so check the cheaper items and you will save big.We found a paint made by a lesser known company but with just one quality as the name brand labels, for just $19.99 a quart.We added a primer which has been on sale for $9.99.Large paint rollers and box of heavy duty trash bags completed our grocery Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet UK list and we headed home to paint.

The only issue with painting outdoors in miami is the weather.Probably, november weather in miami is good, not too hot or humid and little rain.On the day of painting this was incorrect.Huge rolling black storm clouds pushed by near hurricane force winds challenged us as we began the task of clearing off the patio bright and early at 7am.Now images de cluttering the balcony of plants, outdoor article of articles of furniture set, toys and bicycles as palm fronds sway manically forward and backward while the rain begins to fall.Difficult.Finally with the balcony cleared off but weather getting worse, we were forced wait for an storm to pass before we could begin to paint.Alas, the storm raged on for a compelling 8 hours.This was the point that you'd call the 'breakdown' for me.If you have ever done any kind of home do it yourself project there comes a time where your nerves fray as you struggle to see how you have to be able to complete your project with your sanity intact.I was losing it because we had hgtv coming to the condo in 13 hours with cameras, bulbs, team, and a possible buyer.We had to achieve the balcony finished.But having a mechanical failure the large task into smaller jobs really helped.Instead of going through the big picture of the finished product of our newly painted patio.I dedicated to one smaller job at a time, for example organizing all painting tools and clean up items and having them easy to access.

All we might do was get down to work, so we turned the radio up and got to the crunch.The first coat of primer was lost using rollers with long handles, even while we were obsessively checking the rumbling sky to see if the rain would start up again, luckily the clouds were explaining.The primer was dry in 2 hours and the first coat of the terra cotta colored concrete paint took place.It was a perfect accent color to tie it all up and bring the patio back to life.With second coat blow drying, we ordered pizza for lunch, did bath time acquiring very tired isaac, making it it an early night.We had a very busy day just before us.The film crew would be at our door at 10 am and the mark buyers at noon.We would have time to replace all the patio furniture and our small collection of plants in the morning then do fast once over for all of those other condo as it was already deep cleaned the day we got the call 3 days prior from hgtv, thankfully one less option.

The first check on the balcony every day was a giant relief, the rain had held off and the ground looked amazing.We set to putting all of our decoration and decor back onto the patio.Once we were finished we headed back into the house to do a fast all over clean for the lining.Your bunk beds were made, displays wiped down, flooring surfaces swept and wet mopped, and the windows re washed.The stress one feels when other people are coming to your home somebody in charge of is great, but adding video cameras for a national audience, to say i was stressed was an exaggeration.But as ten o'clock called our place was gleaming and i was so proud.With some model, agency, and effort we had developed our broken up patio into an outdoor haven.The crew arrived shortly after that and we left the producers and our realtor in charge.

The shoot went great and our newly redone deck floor was the star of the show.I was so proud that we had completed a interior planning redo at a bargain price that looked so fabulous.Our condo didn't sell that day but the feeling of good results meant more to me than any sale could.In the forums, i can do a 'diy'(Build-It-Yourself)At a small price Ralph Lauren: of the cost with a ultra luxe result while adding value to our property.

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